Ronnel Rambaud Yabut
Graduated from Bishop Amat Class of 2011
Sophomore at UC Merced
Live in West Covina / Merced CA
19 years old
October 5 1993 is my Birthday
Happily taken.
AIM: Abombies
Xbox: Abombies
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This comercial tho.

#tbt to when I was Batmaning in the dorms freshman year.




What can two hands and a creative imagination make?

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#Slauxcontest it would be nice to win some springs! @laoloser

T-Pain @ UCM

Happy Saturday! #PAAisdabes #PCN2014

#NoTakeHome me and @ryan_jordan put in some work. Too full, about to yack brb.

The boat has arrived! Lunch with the @ryan_jordan

Glad I got to spend a few days with this one. Can’t wait till I get to see her again but its time to enjoy my spring break back home.

Saw the homie @amandanajera last night in Stockton. It was good seeing old high school friends. Missed this nigga.

Unexpected matching with Marky today haha.



The Company - closing set

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Happy Saturday!